5 Ways to Turn Classic Pub Games Into Drinking Games

Pub Drinking Games -

If your town’s pubs are anything like mine, there’s always a few table games kicking around that never really see any action. Stuff like billiards, Foosball, darts, sometimes a lonely Buck Hunter machine. Generally the problem is that everyone is there to drink. So we think we came up with a good solution to this problem. Here’s our list of pub drinking games to put those games to good use.

With any of these games we suggest using our pub rule. Which is whoever loses the game is buying the next round. Don’t worry, after a few drinks everyone’s skill level should about even out.

5 Drinking Games for Pub Games

Drinking Darts

This one requires a coaster for every player playing. First every person or team shoots one dart at the board. If they miss the board they drink and re shoot. Wherever the dart lands place a coaster on the dart board and stick it to the board by impaling it with a dart. So once the game is set up each team should have one coaster stuck to the dart board. From here teams take turns shooting one dart at a time.

  • If they miss the board, they must take a sip and reshoot.
  • If they hit someones target, that person must take a sip.
  • If they hit the board but miss all targets, nothing happens and play passes to the next player.
  • Once a target is hit three times, that team loses the game and must finish their drink.
  • Play continues until only 1 target remains.

Drinking Billiards

This one is probably our most straight forward game on the list. Since everyone and their mother knows how to play billiards. Simply follow these easy drinking rules as you play a game. This can either be played 1v1 or 2v2. This pub drinking game will probably come in handy the most, since most pubs tend to have a billiards table kicking around somewhere.

  • If you scratch, drink once.
  • If you sink the White ball, drink 3 times.
  • If any of your balls are sank, drink once per ball.
  • If you lose the game, drink equal to the number of balls remaining on the table.

Drinking FoosBall

This one’s a little more tricky. For this game you need two bottles of beer. If the particular pub you’re at doesn’t give out bottles than a can or glass should work fine. Place the two drinks anyone along the center line of the Foosball table (anywhere between the mid fielders.)

Then as the game goes on whenever you hit the ball into one of the beers, you must stop immediately and take a sip. So they sort of act as bumpers you need to avoid. Neither player can use their mid fielders in this variation so place them in an upright position. If the ball ever gets stuck in that space just pass it over to whoever it’s closest to.

Also take a sip whenever you get scored on.

Buck Hunter Drinking Game -

Drinking Buck Hunter

For whatever reason most dive bars have a copy of this hunting arcade machine sitting around. Maybe it’s just because it’s fun to drink and shoot stuff. This drinking game involves every player watching to drink instead of the players playing.

  • Whenever a buck is shot, everyone else drinks once.
  • Whenever a critter is shot, everyone else drinks twice.
  • Whenever a trophy is shot, everyone else drinks three times.
  • Players must also stop and cheers whenever a hunting bimbo appears on screen.

Drinking Air Hockey

These air hockey drinking rules are very similar to our Foosball rules. Before the game starts simply take an extra puck, or a coaster, and place it on the center of the table. Then place a beer bottle on the puck to weigh it down. The coaster/puck is there to keep the drink from leaving a sticky ring on the table. Anytime this is hit whoever hit it must stop and drink.

Other than that players will also take a sip every time they’re scored one. Whenever a goal happens whoever got scored on can move the beer bumper to anywhere else along the center line.


Our list of drinking games for pub games covers most of the basic games you’ll find in a pub. If you’re looking for other drinking games you could play at a pub we suggest trying out Fingers. As always please remember to drink responsibly, you don’t want everyone else to have to leave the pub because someone has to drag you into a cab and call it quits.