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The Always Macabre Tim Burton Drinking Game

This Tim Burton drinking game works for any movie or short directed by the macabre Tim Burton. Since most of his films carry similar themes (Death, lonliness, Standing out) it makes for some pretty great drinking rules. This makes for a great way to enjoy the Halloween season.

The idea of this game is simple. Just pick your favorite film directed by Burton and get ready to drink whenever any of these rules come up. We suggest trying it with some of his darker comedies like BeetleJuice or The Nightmare Before Christmas.

What You’ll Need To Play The Game

All you’ll need is any movie directed by Tim Burton and some drinks. A full list can be found here.

The Always Macabre Tim Burton Drinking Game Rules

Take a Sip Whenever

  • A character is introduced that is played/voiced by his heterosexual life partner Johnny Depp.
  • Someone takes off their head or spins it around
  • The afterlife is mentioned in any way
  • A strange impractical machine is seen
  • A song starts up by Danny Elfman
  • A very “gothy” character with long black hair appears in the movie
  • Someone dies
  • A skeleton is spotted in the background
  • You notice a dark spiral somewhere in the background
  • Maggots or bugs are seen

Chug for the entire time that children are singing in a creepy way


This Tim Burton drinking game can get pretty intense depending on what movie you choose. Although most of these rules are bound to come up in basically any of his movies. If you liked this drinking game and want to check out some more games to famous director we should direct you to ourĀ Quentin Tarantino Drinking Game! As always please make sure you plan a safe ride home and don’t drink and drive.