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The Quentin Tarantino Drinking Game

The Quentin Tarantino Drinking Game -
(Photo by Dominique Charriau/Getty Images)

Quentin Tarantino is well known for having a very particular way of making movies. So this Quentin Tarantino drinking game should work with any of the films in his filmography. All his movies are pretty action oriented as well as most of them featuring a few guest camos as well as putting himself in the movie. Tarantino is also known for his very unique sound track choices.


Any Quentin Tarantino movie and drinks


Players will drink during every common trope during his movies as well as finishing their drink during his own inevitable cameo.

Quentin Tarantino Drinking Game Rules

Drink once every time

  • A sword makes it’s first appearance
    • Drink twice if it’s a katana
  • Someone does drugs
  • A background character dies
  • A character has a badass name
  • Someone takes a puff of a cigarette
  • Someone opens or closes the trunk of a car
    • Drink twice if there’s a person in there

Drink 3 times if

  • Someone drops an N bomb
  • A main character dies
  • There’s a cameo by a very famous actor

Finish your drink when

  • Tarantino makes his first appearance in the film


Additional Rule: Name that tune!

Whenever a new song begins within the movie the first player to point out the name and artist of the song gets to give a drink to another player. Tarantino’s movies are known for using great and unique sound tracks so it can be pretty tricky to name all of the songs he uses.


The Quentin Tarantino drinking game should be a great time since all his movies are already filled with action. The amount of drinking depends entirely on which movie you choose but most of them should contain plenty of examples of all of these rules. All the gritty action and twists of Tarantino films go great with a few cold beers.