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  • The Taylor Swift Drinking Game by The Chuggernauts

    The Unofficial Taylor Swift Drinking Game

    The Unofficial (please don’t copywrite strike me) Taylor Swift drinking game is a game that can be played to any T-Swift song, album or compilation. Given how much she runs with the same themes of bitter love stories most of the drinking rules should come into play fairly often. We also made a small list […] More

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    The Eccentric Jeff Goldblum Drinking Game

    For those of us out there who are Goldblum fans for his confusing yet profoundly interesting persona we created the Jeff Goldblum drinking game. Seeing as how he always puts some of his relentlessly eccentric personality into his characters this game will work with any movie role or interview he’s done. Heck even if you […] More

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    The Bas Rutten Self Defense Drinking Game

    For those that have never seen it Bas Rutten, former mixed martial artist, has a line of self defense videos. They go from practical to borderline murder very quickly. Through a series of groin kicks and eye gauging you’ll learn how to end a bar fight in a way that nobody will ever forget. The […] More

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    The Justin Trudeau Drinking Game

    If you’re the kind of person who needs a drink or two to stomach another pandering political speech than this Justin Trudeau drinking game should make things a little easier. For the most part anyone playing this game will be drinking for the expected tropes like his constant reminders of inequality and his need to […] More

  • Drunk Sad Conan

    Conan O’Brien Drinking Game

    This Conan O’Brien drinking game was made primarily for his talk show Late Night with Conan O’Brien but it would work just fine with any of his previous talk shows. Basically anything that him, Andy Richter, and his musical group. All you need to do is grab a drink and drink whenever any of the […] More

  • John Woo Drinking Game - the
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    John Woo Drinking Game

    Perhaps best known for his over-the-top American action movies like Mission Impossible 2 and Face-Off, John Woo has a large collection of critically acclaimed Hong Kong action movies such as Hard Boiled and The Killer dating back as far as 1986. Our John Woo drinking game will have you drinking to all the ridiculous film […] More

  • The Owen Wilson Drinking Game - the Chuggernauts . com

    The Owen Wilson Drinking Game – Wow!

    Owen Wilson is an actor who loves to repeat the same words and mannerisms, but for the most part you wont notice until you start listening for it. That’s why we went ahead and created the Owen Wilson Drinking Game! This drinking game works in really any movie or interview with Owen Wilson. Players need […] More

  • The James Bond Drinking Game -
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    The James Bond Drinking Game

    This James Bond drinking game should work with any James Bond movie, old or new. Heck if you wanna get really crafty you could even play it with the cut scenes from the video games or by reading the books. These movies make for the perfect drinking games because we all know what’s gonna happen. […] More

  • Bill O'Reilly Drinking Game -

    Bill O’Reilly Drinking Game

    Love him or hate him, this fox news icon is a freakin’ character. So we thought it was pretty fitting to make a drinking game about him. This game works primarily for his television show The O’Reilly Factor but will also work with his online show “No Spin News” or any appearance he makes on […] More

  • The Pewdiepie Drinking Game -

    The Pewdiepie Drinking Game (YOU LAUGH, YOU DRINK!)

    This game is for the famous Youtuber Pewdiepie. He is one of, if not the, most popular figures among Youtube video gamers. The Pewdiepie drinking game should work with any of his popular Youtube segments. For best results we suggest trying it out with one you haven’t watched yet. But since his channel has a […] More

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