A Hilarious BeetleJuice Drinking Game

Beetlejuice is a classic 1988 dark comedy directed by Tim Burton.It’s one of those older movies that was made so well the first time that nobody should ever try and remake it. So of course we needed to make a BeetleJuice drinking game to give people even more reason to watch this movie.

As far as drinking movies go this one is great because it’s jam packed with a so much inappropriate sexual humor that you’ll wonder why you were ever allowed to watch it as a kid. Between the dark humor, the corny puns, and the all around obscene behavior of Micheal Keaton’s Beetlejuice this film pairs well with few beers.

What You’ll Need To Play

To play this drinking game you’re going to need a good amount of drinks and a copt of the film. Then just grab some pals and a comfy seat and you’re good to go.

BeetleJuice Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip of your drink whenever…

  • Someone in the movie gets startled (this happens extremely often)
  • Anyone says a word that’s pretty close to BeetleJuice
  • Beetlejuice makes a sex joke or touches someone inappropriately
  • Someone makes a corny afterlife joke
  • Delia mentions her art
  • Charles give a look like he hates his life
  • Lydia says something angsty and goth

Whenever someone says Beetlejuice…

  • If it’s only once, drink 1 time.
  • If it’s twice in a row, drink 3 times.
  • If it’s 3 times in a row finish your drink.


We’re not going to lie, this Beetlejuice drinking game involves a lot of drinking if you play it properly. So we encourage anyone playing to please drink responsibly and if you feel like you’ve had enough consider taking a break for a bit. If this hasn’t quite scratched the itch for drinking games to Burton classics then check out our Nightmare Before Christmas Drinking Game!