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The Ultimate Drinking Game

Our drinking game introduces some drinking game to this mobile game. For those who have never played it it’s pretty simple. You start off as a small hole and want to become a giant hole by swallowing up bigger and bigger things. It’s a pretty simple touch screen game which is why it makes for a great drinking game. Easy to play ; hard to master. We made separate drinking rules for each game mode so just play the one you enjoy the most.

What You’ll Need

For this drinking game all you need is a drink handy and the free game app. For this game you’ll either want to connect to friends via bluetooth and the “friends” room in order to play locally, or take turns playing any of the single player modes. Drinking Game Rules

Classic Mode

Classic mode has each hole competing for who can be the biggest in 2 minutes.

  • Every time you get swallowed by a larger hole, take a drink.
  • At the end of the match drink for your placement unless it’s first place. For example 3rd place drinks 3 times, 5th drinks 5 times, etc…

Battle mode

This mode continues until only 1 massive hole remains.

  • Drink for your placement at the end of the match
  • If you’re the first one eaten finish your drink

Solo Mode

This mode is a race against the clock to swallow the whole map within 2 minutes.

  • Drink for every 10% you don’t get. For example if you get 90% that’s 1 drink. 80% is 2 drinks. 70% is 3 drinks. etc…


The drinking game is almost as addictive as the game itself so please make sure not to get carried away. Always remember to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one. If you’re looking for more fun drinking games to fun Apps check out our Heads Up! drinking game.