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    Drunken Ducklings

    Drunken Ducklings is a free drinking board game app designed by Joep Eijkemans. In this game, each player has a little yellow duckling that bounces around the board, landing on different squares and competing in different challenges. A true party game that can be tailored to your specific group. With a lot of randomly generated […] More

  • Brutal Drinking Game Review by

    Brutal. – The Wild Party App

    The Brutal drinking game app is all about bringing your party to the next level. Just gather your group and start flipping cards. The cards range from truth or dare to charades and everything in between. Download The App Here What Is Brutal? Brutal is an app that’s all about wild challenges and rulesthat will […] More

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    Game Of Shots App Review

    Game of Shots is a drinking game App by Wired Koala Studios that lists a bunch of really unique and fun drinking games. It currently has a list of about 23 drinking games many of which are entirely unique to this app. Ranging from card games to pong games to small mini games like minesweeper […] More

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    Hootenanny – The Free 21+ Party App

    What is the Hootenanny App? This great app is basically a drinking game where all you got to do is put in the players names and hit start. There’s a number of packs to choose from depending on what you think your group of friends would like the most. But if you don’t want to […] More

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    Pokemon Go Drinking Game

    Let’s start this off with saying that we at The Chuggernauts don’t condone drinking in public areas where you’re not supposed to. That being said we came up with a Pokemon Go drinking game! This game involves players drinking for certain occurrences in the game like raids or Pokemon popping up. It’s meant to be […] More

  • Drinking Game Seven -

    Drinking Game Seven App

    Seven is an app drinking game made by the game dev team CrashInvaders. It’s a no nonsense drinking game that gets straight to the fun. All you gotta do is pass a phone along swiping cards and doing what they say. The base game comes with an impressive 420 cards with a few more available […] More

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    The Tinder Drinking Game

    Since Tinder has basically already turned hooking up into a game we decided we may as well make a drinking game for it! For those of you who already spend a few hours a night thumbing through profiles this should make things a little more interesting. How To Play For this game all you gotta […] More

  • Heads Up! Drinking Game -
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    Heads Up! Drinking Game

    For those unfamiliar Heads Up! is a app or board game that first got popular on Ellen DeGeneres. There’s also a free App available to play it. It’s one of those games that gets much funner with a few drinks in you. Our Heads Up! drinking game requires 3 players but the more the merrier. […] More

  • Drink And Tell Drinking Game App -

    Drink And Tell Drinking Game App

    The Drink And Tell drinking game app was created in 2015 for both IOS and Android devices. The interface is very smooth and easy to navigate so you don’t have to worry about fumbling through rule books to get started. Simply open up the app, pick a player to start it off, and begin the […] More

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