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Heads Up! Drinking Game

Heads Up! Drinking Game -

For those unfamiliar Heads Up! is a app or board game that first got popular on Ellen DeGeneres. There’s also a free App available to play it. It’s one of those games that gets much funner with a few drinks in you. Our Heads Up! drinking game requires 3 players but the more the merrier.

The basic idea of the game is one player uses gets a word that they aren’t allowed to see that they hold up to their forehead facing out. Their team mates must try and yell hints to what the word is without saying the word itself. The guesser must try and guess the word and then flip over to the next word. They get a point for each word they get correctly.


What you’ll need

To play this drinking game all players need to do is download the Heads Up App and get their drinks ready. For best results place a case of beer in the center so players can easily and quickly open up new beers as the game goes on. Players should sit in a circle.

How to play our Heads Up! Drinking Game

The idea of this game is that while one person is guessing, all the other players are drinking. Players will pass around a beer every time the guessing player guesses correctly.

As soon as the timer begins pass one of the non-guessing players a beer. They start chugging. They may only pass their beer to another player once the active guesser makes a correct guess. So basically the other players are passing around a beer and chugging it until the timer is up. Then a new guesser is chosen and another round is played. For added hilarity players should vote on the drunkest player to be the guesser each round.

If at any point the beer is emptied crack a new one immediately and keep chugging.


Unlike the regular version, our Heads Up! drinking game has no real winner or loser. Just drinks and good times. It can be a fair amount of drinking depending how quickly players chug so make sure to take breaks and please drink responsibly.