Queens Drinking Game

The Queens drinking game is often considered an simpler version of games like Ring of Fire or King’s Cup. It simply involves players sitting around a table, flipping cards, and drinking accordingly. So if you’re looking to get straight to the drinking without all the nonsense that comes with some of the more complex games than this is a great choice.

Setting it up

Before the game starts someone needs to shuffle a standard 52 card deck with jokers removed. Then spread all the cards out on the table face down so that any player can select any card. Making sure not to reveal their values. Then a starting player is chosen and players simply take turns flipping cards in a clockwise order and following the required rule.

Queens Drinking Game Rules

Ace: The person who drew this card picks someone else to take a drink.

2-4: The person who picks this card must drink that many drinks.

5: Direction of play changes. So if it was going clockwise now it’s going counter-clockwise or vice-versa.

6: Person to the left of the player who draws this card drinks.

7: Person to the right of the play who draws this card drinks.

8: Cheers! All players drink.

9: 2nd person on the left of the chooser drinks.

10: 2nd person on the right of the chooser drinks.

Jack: All male players drink

Queen: All female players drink

King: All players drink


Optional Rule: Jokers

If players wish to step it up a bit they can include jokers in this drinking game. The jokers act as “Finish your drink” cards.


The Queens drinking game is easy to play and follow but if players are having a hard time remembering what each card does it could be beneficial for someone to print or write out the rules. This game is one of the easiest answers to the question “Anyone know any drinking games?” that will certainly do the trick.