Liquid Hell Drinking Game

As far as card based drinking games go, the Liquid Hell drinking game can be pretty ruthless. This game plays out like a combination of Pyramid and Bus Driver.The game takes place in two major rounds. The first has the dealer flipping cards in the pyramid and anyone with that card can give it out causing another player to drink. The second round however only happens to the player with the most cards given to them from the previous round, where they try to flip over a series of cards without flipping over any face cards. Needless to say the poor player who enters liquid hell is in for a whole lot of drinking.

What You’ll Need

A deck of cards without the jokers and a lotta drinks.

Setting It Up

First a dealer is chosen to shuffle the deck and deal out the pyramid face down. Set one card in the first row, two in the second, three in the third, four in the fourth and finally 5 in the fifth.

Then deal out the rest of the cards evenly as possible to the remaining players.

Liquid Hell Rules

Now that the cards are dealt out the dealer can start flipping over the cards in the pyramid. They start with the bottom row with 5 cards (worth 1 drink each) going all the way to the top row with 1 card (worth 5 drinks). Each row being worth 1 more drink per card than the last. This game takes place in two phases; the pyramid phase and the Liquid Hell phase.

Phase 1

When a card is flipped anyone with that card in their hand can play it on someone and force them to take drinks depending which row they are on. If a card comes up a second or third time and a player still has a card in front of them they have to drink again.

This phase ends when the top card is flipped and players are done giving out cards.

Phase 2

The only player to take part in phase two is the player who was given the most cards in Phase 1.

The dealer lays out 10 cards face down in a row. The losing player must try to flip all these cards in any order. All the number and face cards do nothing however…

  • If you flip a Jack take 1 drink and put a new face down card in the row
  • If you flip a Queen take 2 drinks and put two new face down cards in the row
  • If you flip a King take 3 drinks and put three new face down cards in the row

This phase is only completed when all the cards are successfully flipped or the deck runs out. It can either be pretty minor or absolutely devastating. So be careful with the Liquid Hell drinking game and please drink responsibly.