Bus Driver Drinking Game

Card Game

The Bus Driver Drinking Game is one of the simplest drinking card games around. As an added bonus it can be played with any number of players. It’s one of my favorite options for 2 player drinking games. It can even be played with 1 player if you’re exceptionally lonely.


A deck of cards


Set Up:

First players decide who will be the Bus Driver first. The Driver then picks the first Bus Rider. The Driver places 5 cards in a horizontal line face down and one face up card beside them.


In this game the Rider is trying to flip all the cards on the board by guessing if they were higher or lower than the last. If he succeeds the driver drinks, if he fails he drinks and must try again with more cards added.


Bus Driver Drinking Game Rules:

In this game there is a bus driver and a bus rider. If you’re playing single player the same player can be both. First the Driver asks the Rider if the first face down card will be higher or lower than the face up card. The Driver then flips that card. If the Rider was correct then play continues and he guesses if the next card in line will be higher or lower. If he was incorrect he must drink 5, all face up cards are discarded and 5 new cards are added to the row. 4 face down and 1 face up. The Rider must now try again. If the Rider manages to clear all the cards from the board then the Driver must finish a full drink and a new Driver and Rider are chosen to play the game.


Bus Driver is great for anyone looking for a quick and exciting card game. In my opinion it’s great for having a couple quick drinks before heading out since it’s so easy to set up and play.