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Irish Poker

Irish Poker -

The great thing about the Irish Poker drinking game is that only the dealer needs an understanding of the rules. For this reason it’s a very good party starter. The game is played in two phases, the guessing phase and the drinking phase.


A deck of cards and drinks.

Set up

Create a two rows of 4 cards in the center of the table. Deal four more cards to each player face down.


In this game players try to guess properties of their next card. If they’re wrong they drink if they’re right they give drinks. Once each players cards are flipped the dealer flips through the rows in the middle and players get or give drinks if they have those cards.

Irish Poker Drinking Game Rules:

For this game Ace is considered 1, Jack is 11, Queen is 12 and King is 13. After the dealer is done setting up the game, left to the dealer starts. In the first round players take turns guessing the color of their first card. If they guess correctly they give two drinks, otherwise they take two drinks. Once that round is complete players start the second round where they guess if their next card will be higher or lower than their first card. If they’re correct they give out four drinks, otherwise they take four. The third round players guess if their next card will fall between their first two cards numerically or outside. If they’re correct they give out 6 drinks otherwise they take 6 drinks. For the next round players try to guess the exact suit of their final card. If they’re correct they give out 8 drinks otherwise they take 8 drinks.

Riding the bus: The final game is an simplified version of the Ride the Bus drinking game. The rows in the center of the table represent Give and Take. The dealer starts by flipping the bottom left card in the two rows in the center of the table. If that card matches one of your cards you must drink 2. The dealer than alternates flipping from left to right ( give and take ) and moves up the rows until all cards are flipped. The first row is worth 2, the second is worth 4, the third is worth 6 and the final row is worth 8.

Alternate Rules: 

  • Heavy drinking version: In this variant players instead drink or give drink based on their flipped cards value. Where Ace is 1 and King is 13.
  • Finish your drink card: In this variant the dealer adds a 9th card on top of the two center rows in the table. In the final round when the 9th card is flipped everyone with that card must finish their drink.

The Irish Poker Drinking Game works best with 4-6 people. Too many and there isn’t enough cards in the deck and too few is simply not as exciting.