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    Smart Fun: Intellectual and Engaging Student Drinking Games

    We often associate drinking games with loud music, laughter, and a lot of fun. But can they also be intellectual? Can they help students learn while having a good time? The answer is yes. This article explores the concept of intellectual drinking games, how they work, and why they are becoming increasingly popular. Then, we’ll […] More

  • Irish Poker -
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    Irish Poker

    The great thing about the Irish Poker drinking game is that only the dealer needs an understanding of the rules. For this reason it’s a very good party starter. The game is played in two phases, the guessing phase and the drinking phase. Requirements A deck of cards and drinks. Set up Create a two […] More

  • Flip Cup

    Flip Cup

      Flip Cup is a staple at parties for many reasons but mainly because everyone likes to show off how quickly they can chug a beer. All it requires is some beer and plastic cups and you’re good to go. Something about this game brings out the competitive nature of players simply to see who […] More

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    Fuck The Dealer

    This game was pretty appealing because all that’s required is a deck of cards. As the title suggests this game is designed to hit one specific player pretty hard. The real tension of the game arises near the end when it’s becoming clearer and clearer which player is going to lose. Requirements: A standard deck […] More

  • Frisknock Rules from The Chuggernauts

    How To Play Frisknock

    The game of Frisknock (Sometimes spelled Fris-Nok) is very simple in concept. Hit the opponents bottle with the Frisbee. All you need is two poles, a Frisbee and beer. This game is best played at a cabin or campground. It takes a fair amount of space to place and grass is your friend when trying […] More