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Dicey Review

Dicey Review by The Chuggernauts

Dicey is a dice and card game full of hilarious and unusual drinking challenges. The premise is simple. Roll Dicey, draw a card, and be faced with a ridiculous mini game that you’ll have to complete to avoid a drinking penalty.

How To Play

The setup for this game is rather simple. Seperate the cards into groups (Group Play, Wild Card, Face-Off and Rules) and then shuffle each pile separately and place on the table where everyone can reach.

Ideally players should sit in a circle around a table. Then decide who goes first.

On their turn a player rolls the multicolored die. Whatever color it lands on is which pile they must draw a card from. From there just do whatever the card says or suffer the drinking penalty for wimping out.

The Cards

Cards are separated into 4 unique groups. Some with more cards than others. Group Play, Wild Card, Face-Off and Rules.

Group Play

These cards present tasks for the entire group such as playing a game of Medusa and making the loser drink.


These present different game-play rules that typically last until the next turn. Things like trying to hide your teeth while playing or suffering a drinking penalty.


These cards pit the drawer against 1 other opponent in a head-to-head battle. Anything from rock-paper-scissors to deciding who can craft the better insult to their opponent.

Wild Card

These are the cards that are too crazy to fit into any other category. If you draw one of these you’ll be in for a wild ride. Things such as the “Blowfish Game” where someone has to guess if someone has booze in their mouth by pushing in their cheeks and hoping they don’t get a face full of alcohol.

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Dicey Review

After a bit of deliberation we decided this one makes a better drunk-game than a drinking-game. It’s not really a game you want to start out the night with since a lot of the drinking penalties only result in a single sip. A lot of the wackier challenges are much funner if everyone is already a few beers into the night.

Although a lot of this can be mitigated if you simply increase the loser penalties. The real meat of this game is in the Wild Cards and the crazy unusual challenges that the Dicey team has come up with.

Overall the Dicey game is great for a laugh and some hilarious minigames. It’s a great way to kick-up a night out.