Snake Eyes Drinking Game

The Snake Eyes drinking game is simple and to the point. It’s easy to play as long as you got a flat surface and a few drinks handy. It’s probably one easiest drinking games we’ve ever played.


A couple dice, a table and a few drinks for every player

Set up

Players should gather around a table with enough room in the center to roll some dice. Personally I find it best to use the empty beer cans as a sort of barrier wall to keep the dice from falling off the edge of the table.

Snake Eyes Drinking Game Summary:

Players simply take turns rolling two dice. Drinking for doubles and finishing their drinks for snake eyes (double 1s).

Snake Eyes Drinking Rules

Players take turns clockwise rolling the two dice. only passing the dice to the next player when they fail to roll a double. Otherwise they roll again.

If they roll a double they must drink for an amount of seconds equal to the number on either die. For example a roll of 6-6 would result in six seconds of drinking. Then they must roll again.

If a player rolls snake eyes (1-1) they must finish their drink. And of course, roll again.

There’s no actual ending to this game so just keep playing until you’ve had enough. The quicker you throw the dice the quicker the other players can get to their drinkin’ so hurry it up!


The Snake Eyes drinking game is simple yet effective. Just roll a couple dice, have a few drinks, and pass them along. It can get pretty hilarious when you roll doubles multiple times in a row and start begging lady luck to give you some slack. Personally I think this game is best suited to a pre-game if you’re looking to finish a few drinks in a hurry before a night on the town.