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Det Gunk Review – Flip, Drink, Repeat

Det Grunk is a card based drinking game produced by PurpGames with one simple goal, to get drunk! The game is about as simple as it sounds. Flip cards, read the instructions and choose if you want to do the action or not to receive some points. Failure to do so usually results in a few seconds of drinking.

How To Play

Where this game really shines is it’s simplicity. The aim is for the first person to reach 12 points and win the game.

The main deck is shuffled and players simply take turns drawing 1 card on their turn. Cards usually have some sort of challenge on them that cause players to take a few sips of their drink if they don’t do it. Although some cards simply exist to make you drink.

The winner will be decided by who is crazy enough to attempt the challenges and lucky enough to draw the cards they need.

Det Grunk Review

Boasting over 200 unique cards this game promises to be a unique experience every time. However a lot of the cards amount to the same thing; drinking for a few seconds. Although there’s a few funny and engaging mini-games and rule cards betwixt all the “drink for X seconds” cards.

There’s also a king’s cup style rule in the game where an empty cup is placed in the center of the table and some cards cause people to pour some of their drink in the cup or down the contents of it. The main problem that ended up happening to us in the couple times we played is that there’s very few cards that actually utilize this cup so for the most part it just sits around empty, or gets filled and never drank. To make the cup seem a little more daunting we decided to just pour a bit of our drink into it whenever someone earned points, which worked pretty well.

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If you’re looking to casually flip some cards over and do some drinking then Det Grunk is a good choice. However there is other games that accomplish this task even better such as Under The Influence.