Death Ring Drinking Game

If the name wasn’t enough to scare you off then you should make sure you play the death ring drinking game with extreme caution. It’s one of the most heavy drinking card games you’ll ever find. It plays out similar to games like Connection or Electricity except with even more drinking involved.

The premise of the game is that players simply take turns drawing cards from the deck. If it connects to the card before them (by suit or number) than they must drink for a number of seconds equal to the value of the card(s). Now what makes it even crazier is if more connections are made then they add up and result in more drinking.

What You’ll Need

Two full decks of cards and tons of drinks.

Death Ring Drinking Game Rules

For this game you’ll need to get two decks of cards and shuffle them together. Place the deck in the middle and you’re ready to begin. Player left of the dealer starts and then play proceeds clockwise.

On a players turn they simply flip a card. Now if that card matches the card that the player before them flipped (in number or suit) then they both drink equal to the number on the card.

The next player does the counting, meaning if two players need to drink for 14 seconds then the next player counts to 14 as quick or slow as they want. Be careful though. If anyone finishes their drinks during counting then the counter must finish their own drink. So they need to decide if they want to go quick to be safe or slow to make others drink.

Here’s where the crazy amount of drinking comes in. If multiple people match each other in a row than it all adds together.

For instance if player 1 draws a 4, then player two draws a 4 they both must drink for 4 seconds. Now if player 3 also draws a 4 all three of those players must drink for 12 seconds total. This keeps going until someone breaks the chain.

If cards are matched by suit instead of number take the value of the higher card to determine how much drinking they will both have to do.


It goes without saying but I’m going to say it anyway. The Death Ring drinking game is often a metric fuckton of drinking. So please be careful and take a break if you need one.