Electricity Drinking Game

This game is requires a whole lot of alcohol so if you’re looking for a light drinking game you might want to try something else like Jail. If that hasn’t scared you off then grab a deck of cards and follow these simple rules to play the electricity drinking game! This game works best with about 5 players, too many and there will simply be too much matching and drinking.

What You’ll Need

All you need for this game is a standard 52 card deck and ample amounts of alcohol

Electricity Drinking Game Rules

The object of this game is to take turns flipping cards and simply hope they don’t match someone else’s cards. The value of the cards go from Ace (1) to King (13). Players should sit in a circle or around a table.

Before the game starts someone should shuffle all the cards and then fan them out face-down where every player can reach them. Play order is clockwise.

On a players turn they simple draw a card and place it face up in front of them. However it it matches another players card they are going to have to do some drinking.

As players continue to draw cards, one of two things can happen. The card matches the color of the previous card, or it doesn’t.

  • If it does match the color of the previous flip, then each player with a card of that color must drink for a number of seconds equal to the value of their card. This means there can be a long chain of people getting the same color card resulting in a lot of drinking.
  • If it doesn’t match then all the other cards in front of players are discarded.

The game only ends when the deck has run out or players agree that enough-is-enough.


The Electricity drinking game is a great way to just flip some cards and get some drinking games. But for this game especially make sure you drink responsibly, it’s easy to get carried away.