Connection Drinking Game

This game is one of the easiest to play and just requires flipping cards and drinking for any connected numbers or suits. There’s no real strategy involved so it’s a great game if you just want to get to the drinking already. It’s one of the easiest games to play and only requires a deck of cards so the connection drinking game is great for any pre-gaming you might have planned.


All you need for this game is a deck of cards and a lot of drinks. The drinking in this game can get pretty heavy so if players want to lighten it up a bit they might want to consider removing all the face cards from the deck.

Connection Drinking Game Rules

Before the game can begin deal out the deck evenly to each player. Players are not allowed to look at their cards in advance and should place them in a face down pile in front of themselves.

Starting to the left of the dealer and continuing clockwise players flip their top card. If that card matches any other card by number or suit, then both matching players must drink equal to the number on the card. Whenever a new card is flipped it replaces the last flipped card.

This continues until the entire deck is exhausted. If multiple players all have a “connection” either through numbers or suits they must all drink. So it’s possible for someone to flip a card causing each player at the table to drink the value of the card in front of the,.


As you could imagine the connection drinking game can get out of hand pretty quickly so if you’re not playing with too many players we suggest removing some of the higher cards from the deck. If you liked this game we suggest taking a look at our original High-Card-Drinks-Low-Card. Please make sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one.