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Bet Or Bust Drinking Game

The Bet Or Bust Drinking Game is a Chuggernaut’s Original that involves player betting secretly in order to try and win points and win the game. It’s a great game for small groups of about 3-8 players to get to know eachother’s betting habits and try to outwit the competition.



10 coins(or tokens of any kind) per player in the game, a deck of cards and drinks.


Each player starts with 10 coins or betting chips. From there cards are flipped and are worth their face value in points and players can bet up to 5 coins each round to try and win those points.  This continues for 6 rounds and then the game completes and players compare points to find out who is the victor.

Set up:

Shuffle the deck and then place 5 cards face down in the center of the table without anyone seeing them. After this deal each player 10 coins or tokens.

Bet Or Bust Rules: 

Once each player is dealt their tokens the game can begin. Flip the first face down card from the center of the table. This card will be worth points equal to it’s face value where Ace is 1 point and King is 13. Each player then secretly places 1 to 5 tokens behind their back. All at once players reveal the amount of coins they’ve chosen and whoever bet the most gets points equal to the cards face value. In the event of a tie, players who tie split up the points received rounded down. Play continues in the same fashion for each of the remaining cards on the board. Once all 5 rounds are finished the players tally up their final point total and determine a winner.


At the start of each round after the first players drink equal to their position based on points. So first place would drink 1 drink, 2nd would drink 2, etc…

At the end of the game each player who still has 0 points must finish their drink.


Alternative rules:

  • King and Village Idiot rule: This is where after each round the winner is declared the king and  last place player is declared the Village Idiot. For the subsequent round the King gets to start with 2 extra coins and the Village Idiot starts with 2 less. If there’s a tie for loser, the King gets to choose which of the tied players becomes the new Village Idiot.
  • Jokers: Jokers can be added to the game as well. If a joker is flipped then each player must cheers, drink one, and discard 3 coins.

This game is a great way to pass the time and get a little tipsy in the process. It really isn’t much drinking unless you’re losing so it’s recommended to stick around and play a few rounds until you get a feel for the game.