Buck Hunter Drinking Game

Buck Hunter Drinking Game -

The reason we decided to create a Buck Hunter drinking game is because these arcade machines seem to always find a home at the local pub. Buck Hunter games are usually pretty straight forward. Menu opens up to some hot bimbo in camouflaged clothes telling you to shoot the start button. From there you just try to hit the deer that zoom by the screen.

It’s all hand-eye coordination which is why it makes for the perfect drinking game. Our drinking game requires a few players because everyone else will be drinking whenever the person playing lands a shot.


What you’ll want for this is the arcade version of Buck Hunter, some drinks and some friends. If the arcade version isn’t available there’s also ports on most consoles or pc.

Buck Hunter Drinking Game Rules

  • If ever you miss a shot you have to take a sip
  • If you hit a deer, everyone else takes a sip
  • If you hit a small critter like a raccoon, everyone takes two sips
  • If you hit a trophy like a Bear or Wolf, everyone else drinks three times.
  • If you finish a round without getting a single hit, you gotta chug a full drink. Time to sit down and enjoy a pint, Buck Hunter isn’t for you.
  • If a girl wearing skimpy hunting clothes appears on screen, take a sip.

Pub Rule

If you happen to be playing this game at a pub, whoever got the lowest score in a round needs to buy a pint for whoever got the highest score. That person must chug the pint. That should even the playing field a little bit for next round.


This Buck Hunter drinking game is a great way to pass some time at the pub. If you’re looking for more ways to turn popular pub games into drinking games check out our Air Hockey drinking game!