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Air Hockey Drinking Game

Air Hockey Drinking Game -

Air hockey is a great game to enjoy over a few beers at the pub. Our Air Hockey drinking game adds a few easy rules to make things a little more interesting. It’s basically just a regular game of Air Hockey with some added bumpers that cause players to drink.

What You’ll Need

What you need for this game is a functional air hockey table, drinks, an extra bottle and an extra puck. The set up for this game is easy. Before you can begin place an bottle of beer at the very center of the table. This will act as a beer bumper. If it’s a full or nearly full beer you might want to consider placing a puck underneath it as a coaster to not damage the table.

Alternatively if you’re at a pub or somewhere that they don’t want you putting a beer on the table you can always just use a puck and weigh it down with something so it doesn’t slide. But you’d be missing out on the satisfying “TING!” sound that a bottle would make.

Air Hockey Drinking Game Rules

  • If at any point someone’s shot hits the beer bumper they must stop immediately and take a sip of their drink. This can sometimes cause some pretty hilarious own goals.
  • After any point is scored whoever is scored on must take a sip. After this they can move the beer bumper somewhere else along the center line to try and shut down the opponent.
  • If at any point someone knocks the puck off the table, they must take two drinks.
  • If at scores on themselves, they must take three drinks.
  • At the end of the game the losing player must chug the beer bumper.


Our Air Hockey drinking game is a good way to make this table game more exciting. Either way make sure not to get carried away and please drink responsibly.