Zardoz Drinking Game Rules

Zardoz Drinking Game by

Given that this was one of the most profoundly confusing films I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch, we thought it necessary to come up with some fun drinking rules to help parse the madness. Our Zardoz drinking game will have you drinking to forget what Sean Connery looks like in a mankini.

I’ll do my best to write a synopsis of Zardoz. This film follows Zed (played by sean connery) as he slowly uncovers the secrets of the god world through the gun-spitting floating head known as Zardoz. Only to discover the deception that lead him there, he soon finds himself the only hope for universe. Or… something like that? Honestly I don’t know. There’s a group of listless apathetics, a crazy half old man with a drawn on mustache who like to throw baguettes, and a whole lot of Sean Connery raw sexual energy. Your guess is as good as mine.

What You’ll Need To Play

A copy of the film and some drinks. Given that this movie was a critical flop, it might be a little hard to find.

Zardoz Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip whenever

  • Zed is doing an awkward light jog
  • Anyone says “praise be to zardoz”
  • Anyone gets groped (this happens far more often than it should)
  • Zed gets started by something
  • Anyone talks into their ring
  • A baguette is tossed
  • The word “tabernackle” is uttered

Bonus Drinking Rules For Anyone With A Death Wish

  • Take an extra sip whenever you get confused
  • Take a sip whenever Zardoz is mentioned (watch out because that’s the only word said for the first minute or so of the film)

Our Zardoz drinking game is a great way to experience this ridiculous movie. If you wanted to check out more drinking games to so-bad-it’s-good movies take a look at our rules for Miami Connection or Dragon Ball Evolution.