Miami Connection Drinking Game

Miami Connection Drinking Game -

The Miami Connection Drinking Game has players drinking to the stereotypical 80s action film Miami Connection. This movie follows a series of very obscure central plots that seemingly keep changing. As much as they tend to move the goal posts on the main point of the movie there are a number of things that remain constant all the way through which makes for a great drinking game.


Miami Connection is a very confusing movie at the best of times. It starts with a bunch of ninjas stealing cocaine, then it moves on to some kind of band feud, then it moves onto a shitty version of Chuck Norris trying to beat up one of the main characters. But don’t worry, one of the band members finds his dad in the end. Confused yet? you should be.


The movie Miami Connection and drinks.


Players drink for each of the following extremely repetitive actions within the movie.

Drink Once Everytime:

  • Somebody dies
    • Drink twice if they died by something ridiculous
  • Somebody swears
  • Someone stutters or messes up their line
  • Someone says “Friends” during the “Friends Forever” song
  • You see a new shitty 80’s haircut
  • Every karate kick
  • Somebody says something and you don’t understand
  • Somebody brings a blunt object to a fight
  • Inexplicable shirtlessness
  • Every time you catch yourself wondering “Why is this movie called Miami Connection?”

These drinking rules may not seem like much but in every gang fight you’re bound to see at least 20 karate kicks since that seems to be all they know even though most characters are carrying some type of stick or pipe. Plus there’s a lot of times where the characters stutter on their lines making it nearly impossible to follow their dialogue. All in all the Miami Connection Drinking Game is a great time and an is best enjoyed with some close friends and beers.