Dragonball Evolution Drinking Game

Dragonball Evolution Drinking Game -

We created our Dragonball Evolution drinking game with one purpose in mind, to help people make it through this hilarious disaster. Whether you’re a fan of Dragonball, Action, or just movies in general, Dragonball Evolution is a slap in the face. This movie follows Goku as he tries to reconcile the death of his grandfather and acquire the seven dragon balls. Plus there’s an awkward side-plot where he goes to Chichi’s high school party to dance-fight a group of bullies.

This movie is full of questionable stylistic decisions like Goku’s 90s lifestyle to Yamcha’s fake Texan accent. Therefor this makes for a great movie to crack a few beers to and watch dig itself into a hole it can’t possibly climb out of.



Dragonball Evolution and drinks.


Players will drink during all the questionable scenes in this movie. As well as chugging their drink as long as Goku is day dreaming about Chichi.

Dragonball Evolution Drinking Game Rules:

Drink One Whenever:

  • Something happens that absolutely did not happen in the original Dragonball series.
  • King Picolo reminds you of Darth Sidius, like when he starts force-choking people and buildings.
  • Someone swings at Goku and misses.
  • Someone says “Overrated”.
  • Anyone mentions Dragonballs.
    • Drink twice if they are re-explaining that the dragon grants a wish.
  • Whenever there is Slo-Mo.
  • Whenever someone is clearly on a suspension wire.



Drink 3 whenever

  • Goku touches a Dragonball and gets a weird prophetic vision.
  • Goku pops Chichi right in the face.


Chug for as long as

  • Goku is staring longingly at chichi.



The Dragonball Evolution Drinking Game can be pretty heavy. Especially if you know enough about the source material to realize just how often they pooped on it in this movie. Plus there’s a massive overuse of slo-mo and wire fighting. So we hope having all these drinking rules helps you cope with this abysmal attack on the Dragonball franchise.  In the apologetic words of the writer of the movie himself “I did the best I could, but at the end of the day, I ‘dropped the dragon ball.”