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The Zombie Dice Drinking Game !

Our Zombie Dice drinking game is a set of awesome drinking rules for Steve Jackson’s great Zombie Dice. This game is about as simple as they come which is why it makes for a great game to enjoy a few drinks to without getting lost in all the rules. Plus if you have enough drinks you might start to feel like a real zombie to get into the spirit of the game.

What You’ll Need

A copy of the game and some drinks of choice for everyone playing. The game is 2-99 players so whether you’re with a couple friends or a massive party this will be a great choice. You’re also going to need to some higher proof alcohol for the losers to take a shot of at the end of the round.

Zombie Dice Drinking Game Rules

This drinking game follows all the base rules of ZD but adds some fun drinking rules. Eat Brains, Don’t Get Shotgunned. The goal is to be the first player to get 13 brains.

  • Whenever you get shot, take a drink.
  • Whenever you get a brain the player with the least brains takes a drink. (If it’s a tie you choose who drinks).
  • Drinks are doubled (given and taken) for yellow dice.
  • Drinks are tripled (given or taken) for red dice.

At the end of the game everyone needs to roll a die to determine if they will drink. Winner gets to roll a green die. Player with the least score must roll a red die. Everyone else rolls yellow.

If you roll a “shot” you must take a shot of hard alcohol, to be chosen by the group.


This Zombie Dice drinking game is a great way to enjoy a few drinks but watch out because it can get pretty heavy (especially if you were in last place for most of the game). So always make sure to drink responsibly and never get behind the wheel drunk. If you loved this game we also made an awesome drinking game for another Steve Jackson classic Munchkins. Plus we also have the largest collection of board game drinking games on the web. Cheers!