The Simplest Card Drinking Game You’ll Ever Play

Sometimes all you want in a game is to be able to flip over some cards and get someone drunk. There’s far too many games out there that complicate things and make things difficult. Plus if you’re trying to explain rules to a bunch of drunks can be pretty trying. So that’s why we decided to make a game that’s so easy a toddler can play it (though they probably shouldn’t!)

What You’ll Need To Play This Game

A deck of cards and some people. Whether it’s a full deck of cards doesn’t matter.

The Simplest Card Drinking Game You’ll Ever Play Rules

First someone shuffles the deck. It doesn’t need to be shuffled too well so don’t overdo it and waste everyone’s time.

Now the dealer takes turns picks someone to guess a card. If they get the suit wrong they drink once, if they get the number wrong they drink again. If a joker is flipped everyone drinks. Rinse and repeat until the entire deck has been flipped over. That’s it!


Now we understand that simple drinking games aren’t for everyone and some people want to try something with a little more meat on the bones. So here’s a few of our more complicated but still awesome drinking games to try out!

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Toepen A classic trick taking game where players try to get the most points

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