Toepen Drinking Game Rules


Toepen is a fairly simple trick taking game where you try to play the highest card of a specified suit to win the points. It’s similar to other trick taking games like Hearts. It works with anywhere from 2-8 players. It’s a fairly quick game that is playable either as a regular card game or as a drinking game.

Setting It Up

Before this game can begin you need to remove cards from the deck. This game is played with a 32 card deck that only includes the numbers 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. Each player is then dealt 4 card from the deck to make up their hand.

How to Play Toepen

The winner of each round gets to start the next round. A player is chosen randomly to start the game. The round starts with a player playing any card from their hand. The suit of this card determines which suit the other players must play.

Now taking turns in a clockwise order players try to play a card of a matching suit. The highest card will be the one that takes the trick and earns a point. If you cannot play a card of a matching suit you must choose a card from your hand to discard.

On a players turn if they think they will have the highest card of the suit they can “toep” by knocking on the table. This increases the value of the round by 1 point. Whenever someone toeps every other player may choose to fold and recieve points equal to the previous value of the round before the toep happened. Or they could choose not to fold and stay in the round and attempt to win the points.

The goal of this game is to NOT get points. If you reach 15 points you are eliminated from the game. If ever a player is at 14 points they are considered “on pelt” which means they now get to start every round until they are out. Once players run out of cards (every 4 rounds) then 4 new cards are dealt out.

Drinking Rules

Toepen also has it’s own set of drinking rules. Drink for each point you receive. There is also a few extra rules.

  • If you are holding three 10s you may whistle, causing all other players to drink.
  • If you are holding three Jacks you may stand up and the last player to stand drinks.
  • If you are holding three Queens you may sing a song and everyone else must drink.