The Simpsons Drinking Game

The Simpsons Drinking Game -

Everyone knows The Simpsons. This classic cartoon sitcom has been the benchmark for writers for about 25 years. It follows the small yellow family that over the long run of the show have really done everything.

It was a little tougher to come up with a drinking game for The Simpsons because over the 29 seasons and counting the show has changed writers and there’s been many shifts in style. But a few things always remained the same; Homer’s always an idiot, Marge is always a nag, Bart is always a brat and Lisa is always a genius. So with those tropes in mind and a beer or two in hand, let’s all get ready for the Simpsons Drinking Game.



The Simpsons and drinks.


This drinking game will have players drinking to one of the many recurring tropes that happen for each character in the show. Sometimes drinking twice if it’s a particularly iconic phrase. Also players will have a drink whenever someone spots one of the selected background characters or brands within the show.


The Simpsons Drinking Game Rules:

Drink once when:

  • Homer says “D’oh!”
  • Anyone is seen drinking
    • Drink twice if it’s Barney drinking
  • Marge disapproves of one of homers ideas
    • Drink two if she does her frustrated mumble
  • Bart plays a prank
    • Drink twice if it’s a prank phone call to Moe
  • Lisa plays the saxophone (This includes the opening credits).
  • Homer is seen eating
    • Drink twice if he says “Mmmmmm… *type of food*”
  • Flanders mentions his religion
  • Nelson says “Ha-Ha!”
  • Homer strangles Bart
  • Grandpa falls asleep or rambles
  • Smithers says something that makes you question his sexuality
  • Mr. Burns does something evil
    • Drink twice if he says “Eeeeexcelent”
  • Krusty says “Hay-Hay!”
  • Moe says something depressing or pulls out a gun

Drink once whenever you spot:

  • Duff Beer
  • A Krusty Burger
  • A Squishee / Squishee Machine
  • Itchy and Scratchy
  • The Sea Captain
  • Otto
  • Troy McClure
  • Comic Book Guy
  • One of the family pets
  • Any celebrity guest appearance


The Simpsons Drinking Game may seem like a bit of an overload of rules, but for anyone particularly familiar with the series it should be easy. Basically you just drink when any of the iconic phrases or moments in the show happen. It can be a lot of drinking depending what episode you go with so make sure to have a few duffs ready.