Futurama Drinking Game

Futurama Drinking Game -

Our Futurama Drinking Game was created to make this animated science fiction comedy even more entertaining. Futurama follows Fry as he wakes up in a distant future. Confused but oddly relieved to be leaving his old life, he’s assigned once again to be a delivery guy. Here he meets the rest of the main cast; a cyclops, a robot, a mad scientist, an rich chinese lady, a jamaican and a lobster. And Scruffy, the janitor.

This show sets itself up perfectly for a drinking game since every character has constantly reoccurring character traits. Fry is always dumb, Bender is always selfish, Amy is always ditsy, Leela is always sarcastic, Zoidberg is always neglected, Farnsworth is always crazy and Hermez is always in love with paperwork and his culture. As an added bonus this game will work with any episode of futurama and also any of the movies.



Futurama and drinks


Players will be drinking for all the repeated tropes in the series. The drinking categories are broken up into groups; Characters and Brands.


Futurama Drinking Game Rules:

Characters: Drink once for each of these character tropes

  • Bender steals
  • Bender insults someone or tells them to bite his shiny metal ass
  • Fry says something stupid
  • Fry is confused with new futuristic technology
  • Amy swears in cantonese
  • Amy references her riches
  • Leela is sarcastic
  • Leela rejects Fry’s advances
  • Zoidberg is ignored
  • Zoirberd says something self-depreciating
  • Hermez mentions beaurocracy in any way
  • Hermez does something uniquely Jamaican like the Limbo
  • Farnsworth says “Good news everyone!”
  • Farnsworth shows off a new invention

Brands: Drink once every time you spot any of the following brands in the show

  • Slurm soda or Slurmee
  • Zuban cigars (This is what bender is usually smoking)
  • Any of “Mom’s” products
  • Stop-And-Drop suicide booth
  • Popplers
  • Any other brand that you can notice and point out

Finish your drink whenever:

  • Scruffy makes his first appearance in an episode


Our Futurama is quite a bit of drinking if you can keep up with all the rules. Players might find it easier to simply pick a character or two and follow them specifically instead of all of them. The scruffy drink finishing rule is pretty sporadic as he likes to pop in a couple times a season but once in a while he’s actually a useful character in an episode. One way or another this drinking game should keep your buzz going until the 31st century.