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Sushi Go Get Hammered – A Hilarious Sushi Go Drinking Game

As far as fun party card games go Sushi Go is one of the best ones out there for pure and simple fun. Which is why we thought it best to create our own Sushi Go Drinking Game!

This game is very simple yet frustratingly complex once you get into it. It’s a drafting game where people take turns playing a card and then passing it around the table hoping to get the cards they want while also not giving their opponents cards they need. It’s a delicate balance but if you mix in a few drinks it’ll flow like clockwork (or you’ll get too tipsy to think clearly).

What You’ll Need To Play

For this you’re going to need a copy of the card game, some drinks for each player and a bottle of hard alcohol (preferably sake if you have it handy).

Sushi Go Drinking Game Rules

  1. Before cards are dealt starts everyone grab one card and flip it in front of them. Remember what this card is for the rest of the game. During the game-play whenever you are passed a hand with one of those cards in it you must drink once for each of the cards. Once everyone has their card memorized make sure to put them back in the deck and shuffle it before dealing out the cards.
  2. At the end of the round whoever ended up with the least points must take a shot.


The Sushi Go drinking game is a great way to add a bit more chaos to this already chaotic game. Plus if you pay attention you can intentionally pass around cards that make your opponents drink. If you liked this drinking game and wanted to check out more fun ways to add a bit of alcohol to your favorite card games check out our awesome database of board game drinking rules!