Super Troopers Drinking Game

The Super Troopers Drinking Game -

The cult classic comedy Super Troopers follows a bunch of half-ass highway cops as they bumble their way into some serious trouble. These jagoffs quickly need to become professionals or risk losing their jobs

This drinking game will have players drinking for all the crazy nonsense these troopers get up to. With all the shenanigans this makes for the best drinking game movie.


The movie Super Troopers and some drinks

Super Trooper Drinking Game Rules

Take a Sip Whenever

  • Someone says “Meow”
  • Anyone takes drugs
  • Someone says “Officer”
  • Someone opens or closes their police car door
  • Anytime one of the officers nicknames are mentioned, including “Thorny”, “Rookie” or “Rabbit”
  • Someone says “Shenanigans”. This can either refer to the word or the restaurant with all the goofy shit on the walls.
  • Someone lands a punch

Take a big swig whenever

  • Someone is drinking syrup
  • Someone mistakes Ramathorn for a mexican
  • An officer gets covered in powdered sugar
  • Someone hazes the rookie
  • Someone fires a gun


This Super Troopers drinking game can prove to be quite a bit of drinking because of how often these highway officers screw around. If this game left you wanting more drinking games to classic comedy movies we suggest checking out our Idiocracy drinking game or our The Big Lebowski drinking game. Either way make sure you exercise caution and please drink responsibly, no drinking game is worth risking your physical health.