The Big Lebowski Drinking Game

The Big Lebowski Drinking Game -

The Big Lebowski makes for the perfect drinking game movie since the entire movie plays out like a prolonged alcohol and drug binge. So if you wanna join The Dude on his drunken quest grab a few beers, or better yet a few White Russians, and get ready for The Big Lebowski Drinking Game.


What You’ll Need

The cult class “The Big Lebowski” and ample amounts of alcohol. Just try not to piss on the rug.


The Big Lebowski Drinking Game Rules

Drink once every time

  • You hear a curse word of any kind.
  • Any one in the movie takes a sip of an alcoholic beverage.
    • Drink twice if it’s a White Russian. (Those things are heavy on the booze, gotta keep up!)
  • Any character in the film says “Dude” or “Man”. This includes when they refer to the main character as “The dude”.
  • Walter mentions Vietnam
  • Someone puts on or takes off sunglasses
  • The Dude smokes pot

Drink 3 times whenever

  • George Bush makes an appearance
  • Someone bowls a strike
  • You hear the phrase “Shut the fuck up, Donny”


The Hardcore Version

For anyone who wants to get as messed up as The Dude in this film, try taking whatever he takes through the movie. This will involve a few White Russians, some weed and it might involve taking a roofie half way through the movie. Obviously this should be substituted with something else.


For liability purposes we recommend nobody ever try the hardcore version. Just stick to the regular version since that’s a buttload of drinking anyway. The amount of times the words “Dude” and “Man” are spoken in this movie are more than enough to polish off a few drinks anyway. The Big Lebowski drinking game can be a lot of fun, but as always though please remember to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one.