Idiocracy Drinking Game

Idiocracy Drining Game - The Chuggernauts

In the Idiocracy Drinking Game players will be drinking to the film Idiocracy. This movie follows Joe, the most average man alive (aptly played by Luke Wilson). He is used as an experiment and is cryogenically frozen. He then awakens in the future where the entirety of society has become stupid. So now his average intelligence becomes genius in a society that can’t understand how to function on their own.

This movie makes for the perfect drinking game due to the constant idiotic comments by everyone in it. It slowly gets more and more ridiculous as Joe slowly but surely establishes himself as the smartest and most valuable man alive.


The movie Idiocracy and drinks.


Players will drink when any of the following rules occur. There’s not shot taking rule or drink finishing rule simply because these rules come up enough that you won’t need to worry.

Idiocracy Drinking Game Rules:

Drink One Every time:

  • Someone Swears
  • Someone gets kicked in the balls
  • Joe says something and people call him a fag
  • You notice some kind of machine functioning improperly. (like the Roomba, machine gun turrets, etc…)
  • Someone mentions that Brawndo is what plants crave
  • Someone mentions that Brawndo has electrolytes
  • You notice some kind of sexual innuendo (no matter how obvious it is)
  • The crowd cheers for something Comacho says
  • Joe fails to realize Rita is a prostitute.
  • Upgrayedd is mentioned
  • You see a dildo
  • Someone flips someone off
  • Joe outsmarts someone with something incredibly simple


The Idiocracy Drinking Game follows a pretty steady pace throughout the movie. Mostly because every other character in the movie can’t go 4 words without swearing or mentioning electrolytes. Even if you can’t keep up with the drinking you should watch this movie any way if you haven’t before. It’s one of the funniest movies to fly under the radar in the 2000s.