Stardew Valley Drinking Game

The Stardew Valley Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

For those that have never played it Stardew valley is one of the calmest and most rewarding games out there. It’s mostly a farming game but gets deeper the longer you play. It might not immediately seem like the best choice of games to drink to (Although the multiplayer component is slated to come out soon) but there’s something extremely relaxing about playing this game with a cold brew and some time to kill. The Stardew Valley drinking game basically ends up with players drinking every time they make a mistake like letting a fish get away or passing out from exhaustion.

What You’ll Need

The game for any platform you want and a few drinks. The game itself is mostly single player so if multiple people want to play they can take turns per day and drink for each other’s mistakes instead of just their own.

Stardew Valley Drinking Game Rules

Drink once whenever

  • One of your crops dies (including the end of season)
  • You get mail
  • You fail at catching a fish or catch some garbage
  • You give someone a gift they don’t like
  • You fail one of the tasks on the bulletin board
  • You eat some of your hard earned produce
  • You forget where something or someone is and have to check the map

Finish your drink whenever

  • You die in the mines
  • You forget what day it is and miss an important town event
  • You pass out from overworking yourself

The Stardew Valley drinking game is great for anyone who likes to just relax and enjoy some drinks instead of making everything about competition. If you liked this game you should check out our Valkyria Chronicles drinking game! Although as with any drinking game please make sure to pace yourself and drink responsibly, no need to get sloppy drunk you got livestock to take care of dammit!