Valkyria Chronicles Drinking Game

Valkyria Chronicles Drinking Game -

Valkyria Chronicles is an alternate timeline WW2 strategy action third person first person shooter. It’s also an RPG. Don’t let the long list of game types bother you because Valkyria Chronicles is a critical success that blends many styles of games together to make one awesome title. As always we’ve added drinking rules that mixes well with game play and are sure to add plenty to your playing experience. Get ready to basically fight the Nazi’s and get drunk along the way in the Valkyria Chronicles Drinking Game.


The video game Valkyria Chronicles and drinks.


Players will be drinking as they kill enemy units and complete missions. They will also be drinking depending on how they down enemies and for using certain attacks.

The Valkyria Chronicles Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • A head shot occurs.
  • An enemy is downed.
  • An allied unit is downed.
  • You level up a class.

Drink three whenever:

  • Any tank is destroyed.
  • An enemy commander is downed.
  • You complete a mission.
  • You take control of an enemy command point.

Finish your drink whenever:

  • You fail a mission.
  • Someone becomes a Valkyrie for the first time.

Additional Rules:

Drink one in order to perform any of the following actions:

  • Fire a shot with a sniper.
  • Move your tank.
  • Use a healing item.
  • Attack with a Lancer.
  • Select a character more than once on the same turn.

As Usual with RPGs you will drink when characters level up or enemies are defeated. The unique twist in the Valkyria Chronicles Drinking Game is that in order to do certain actions, such as snipe or use the anti tank class lancer, you must take drinks. This may limit the amount you can use certain overpowered classes or cause you to get drunk while trying to cheese your way through a mission. There are also a few points when players will finish their drinks. Whenever a character becomes a Valkyrie for the first time or whenever a mission is failed. The learning curve in this game is pretty easy but there are some missions that are rather difficult so be prepared. Take up the call to arms and the call to beers in this WW2 action strategy game.