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How to Play the Snappa Drinking Game

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This game is similar to beer pong except that it uses dice instead of ping pong balls and there’s a net in the middle. It’s easiest to play the Snappa drinking game on a ping pong table however since there’s already a net on it. In this game players try to toss the die into the opposing teams cups to score points and be the first team to reach 7 points. This is typically a 4 player game (2 teams of 2) but can also be played 2 player (1 on 1).

What You’ll Need To Play

A long enough table, dice and cups full of frosty beverage. Plus something to put in the middle as a net.

Setting It Up

Place the net in the center of the table. Then each team places 2 cups on one side of the table on the corners. Then just decide who goes first with a game of Rock Paper Scissors.

How To Play The Snappa Drinking Game

In this game teams alternate throwing the game die over the net trying to land it in the opposing teams cup. There’s 3 ways to earn points from a toss.

  • If the dice lands inside one of the opposing teams cups then your team scores 2 points.
  • If the dice hits an opponents cup then your team scores 1 point.
  • If the die lands on the table showing a 5 then your team scores 1 point.

Teams go back and forth until one team scores 7 points and they are the winners.

Optional Drinking Rules

  • If ever the opposing team fails to catch the die and it hits the floor, then whoever was closest to it must drink.
  • If ever a die lands on the table showing a 1 then the thrower must drink.
  • The losing team must drink both of the opposing teams cups as punishment.

The Snappa drinking game is a great alternative to more well known games like beer pong. If you liked this game you might want to check out our list of great competitive drinking games!