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Beer Die – The King Of College Drinking Games

Beer Die or Beer Dice is a game well known among many college campuses. Probably because it’s more interactive than the average card game and it gets increasingly tense with every point. As easy as it may seem to catch a little bouncing die believe me when I say it gets harder with every sip.

Beer Die (Or Snappa as it’s sometimes called) is a simple game where two teams of 2 stand at opposite ends of the table and try to score points by bouncing the die off the table and having it hit the ground without being caught. It’s a simple way to get the party going and can be played with very few items. It’s perfect for anyone looking to do something a little more active than a card game and are sick of the traditional Beer Pong.


1 long table, 1 die and  plastic cups for beer.

Set up:

Each team places 2 cups of beer on the table. This can either be at each corner of the table (a couple inches off so the cups don’t fall off) or in the center of the table one in front of the other. Players than decide on a minimal height that all tosses must exceed. After this each team of 2 sits at opposite ends of the table (the long way).


Beer die has two separate goals; Drinking and Scoring. Players compete to try and be the first to score 12 points but much like in the game of tennis a team cannot win until unless they are winning by at least 2 points and have exceeded 12 total. Players aim to land their dice in the opponent’s cup or at least hit the cup to make a tricky bounce which will be harder for the opposing team to catch.

Beer Die Rules:

Both teams choose a leader to roll the dice to begin the game. Higher roll gets to go first. He or she must then throw the dice underhanded and try to get it to bounce on the opponents side and pass the end of the table without being caught. Teams alternate taking shots in this fashion.

  • Scoring: If the die hits the table after making the minimum height and then proceeds to pass the far end of the table and hit the ground without being caught the team that made the shot scores 1 point. If the shot makes it directly into a cup the team that tossed it scores 2 points. If the die hits a cup but doesn’t go in that can now be scored if it goes off the sides of the table as well.
  • Drinking: If the opposing team scores a point by having the dice hit the floor your team must each drink one. If the opposing team sinks the die into the cup you and your team mate must each chug one of your beer cups and refill them. If the opposing team hits a cup with the die you must both drink regardless.

Optional rules:

  • Sitting: Players must remain seated on a stool or chair during the entire game.
  • 3s: Every time someone notices a 3 on the die they must drink.
  • Minimum height: Often players will decide on a minimum height that the players must throw the die before it hits the table.

All in all Beer Die is a great time and requires just the right amount of hand-eye coordination to make it an excellent drinking game. There’s many variations of the rules depending where and who you’re playing with so do what works best for you.¬† Generally this game is played in a King’s Court fashion where the winner of the round stays at the table to play the next game.