Sevens Drinking Game

Sevens Drinking Game -

The Sevens Drinking Game uses a standard deck of cards and it not to be confused with the Sevens Vocal Drinking Game. The goal of sevens is to get all the cards laid out in a row by suit while trying not to leave any gaps that could cause some pretty heavy drinking.

Be warned, this game is a lot of drinking and it doesn’t always end with players actually completing the full game. You may be doing well at the start but then kicking yourself for not saving yourself any easy plays later in the game when stakes are higher.


A full deck of cards and drinks

Set up:

Get every 7 out of the deck and lay them out in a straight line in the center of the table. Deal out all the remaining cards to each player.


Players play cards from their hand that connect to the rows laid out on the table numerically. If they fail to do so they must leave a gap and drink equal to the cards in the row.

Sevens Drinking Game Rules:

The person to the right of the dealer begins the game. He must play a card that connects to a card on the table. Since the only cards at the beginning of the game are the 7s he must play either an 8 or a 6 and place it next to the 7 of the same suit. When it’s a players turn one of three things can happen:

  • The player plays a legal move next to a card on the table.
  • The player cannot play a legal move and instead is forced to leave a gap in one of the lines. He must now drink equal to the number of cards in the line he played on, including the gaps.
  • The player plays an Ace. This can be used either before the 2 or after the King.

After this happens play continues to the next player. The game continues until each line is filled out.


This game is great and simple to understand. It can be a hefty amount of drinking if you’re not careful with conserving your good moves for later.