How To Play The Rage Cage Drinking Game

Flip Cup

The Rage Cage drinking game (also sometimes known as the stack cup) is very similar to a game known as Boom Cup. The game itself is very fast paced. The objective is to bounce a ping pong ball into a plastic cup as fast as you can before another player before you can do the same. If the other player catches up to you than you have to drink one of the many solo cups with alcohol in it. You’ll want at least 4 players to play this game, but the more the better.

What You’ll Need

  • Two ping pong balls (maybe a few more in case you lose some)
  • 30 or so cups
  • Ample amounts of alcohol
  • 4-12 players

Setting It Up

Fill all but two cups a quarter full of the booze of your choosing. Place the filled cups in two equal lines spanning the length of the table.

Everyone lines up similar to Flip Cup standing on either side of the table. Then give the two starting players each an empty cup and a ping pong ball. Starting players should not be right next to each other.

How To Play Rage Cage Rules

Once the game starts the starting players each try to bounce the ball into their respective empty cup. It’s important to remember that there’s no turns so just go as quick as you can.

If the ball misses the cup, grab it and try again. If the ball lands in the cup than the player can pass the cup and ball to the next player clockwise. It’s now their turn to do the same.

If ever the same player ends up with BOTH cups and balls (This happens when the player directly to their left manages to sink their ball before them) then they lose the round. They must grab any filled cup from the line and chug it back.

They now choose two other players to start the next round. This continues until every cup is consumed.

If you wanted to make things more interesting in the rage cage drinking game you could put in a “final” cup. Fill that cup right to the top and whoever is the last person to lose a round has to drink the whole thing. This game is better played as a pre-game than anything since it is quite a bit of drinking especially if you’re slow. So please drink responsibly.