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OTR Drinking Game Review

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The OTR drinking board game is a mix of classic drinking games like Beer Pong and Flip Cup, and custom rule spaces to make each game unique.

It plays out like a game of snakes and ladders with a bunch of drinking challenges tossed in the mix. So having the best Quarters or Beer Pong skills will be a huge advantage.

How To Play

First everyone rolls to see who goes first and places their piece on the starting spot.

On someone’s turn they simply roll the die and move forward that many spaces. There’s 3 different types of spaces: blank spaces, challenge spaces and card spaces.

Blank Spaces: As expected, these spaces don’t really have an effect. If you land here you’re in the clear. (That is until the end of the game when they start to get populated with fun drinking rules).

Challenge Spaces: These spaces are the real bread and butter of this game. They represent classic drinking games like Quarters, Flip Cup or Beer Pong. Compete in the according challenge to earn an extra turn.

Card Spaces: These spaces are pretty high risk and reward. Draw a card from the challenge deck and do whatever it says.

The game continues until someone lands on the final space and wins an end-of-game challenge. Whoever wins the game gets the ultimate prize: They get to draw in a new fun rule space into one of the blank spaces. Meaning it will stay there for every future game!

OTR Drinking Game Review

Where this game really shines is in it’s simplicity. Most of the game you play and the rules are really easy to grasp and play. But to that same end, it’s also very repetitive. There’s only so many games of flip cup one group can play.

One of the flaws of this game is that when you first play it, there’s no fun drinking rules written on the board. So we’d suggest everyone grab a pen and write a rule or two onto the board before playing their first game.

One things the OTR drinking game does really well, is get ya drunk. We played for a couple hours and honestly had a pretty good time, even if we were all pretty tired of flip cup by the end of it. This game is a great way to get a party started.