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The Nintendo Direct Drinking Game

Nintendo Direct Drinking Game -

This game will work just fine with any official Nintendo Direct announcement. Usually these are used to reveal upcoming games or showcase ones that are coming soon. It’s pretty up in the air what they will choose to reveal since Nintendo loves to shoot for the unexpected. So grab a few beers and get ready to get hyped with the Nintendo Direct Drinking Game.


Setting Up The Game

First make sure you have the Nintendo Direct stream up and ready. Then everyone must state which game they are hoping for an announcement for. For example “New Paper Mario!” or “New Metroid Prime” would work. Now just grab your drinks and get ready to play.


Nintendo Direct Drinking Game Rules

If at any point the game you were hoping for is announced, you may assign another player to finish half of their drink. If the game is given a direct release date than you can make someone finish their drink instead.  At the end of the direct if your game wasn’t announced you must take a drink in sorrow.

Additional Drinking Rules

  • If a mobile game is announced every player must groan at the same time, then take a drink.
  • If a new apparatus is shown everyone takes a drink out of sheer confusion
  • If there’s a crossover game everyone takes a drink out of cautious optimism
  • Every time a direct sequel is announced take a drink.
  • If you hear Mario say “yahoo!” Take a drink
  • If you hear Link say “Hyaaa!” Take a drink
  • If you hear ANY Pokemon say it’s own name in full, take a drink

If a new console is announced everyone finishes their drink. This counts for new versions of consoles like the Nintendo DS XL.


This Nintendo Direct drinking game is the perfect way to either increase your hype or drown your sorrows. It works best with the full length Nintendo Directs but once in a while they do release mini ones if players want to play a quick version.