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Mini Flip Cup – Flip Cup Re-Imagined

Mini Flip Cup - the chuggernauts

Recently released by the same Scienz Group that brought us Mini-Baseball, Mini Flip Cup is a great little device that makes playing flip cup a blast. Basically what you get here is a nice solid board with metal flippers on the side to toss the cup up in an attempt to land it face down.

How To Play

First thing you’ll need to understand is the basic rules of flip-cup. Basically what happens here is you get teams of players who, on their turn must drink their drink and try to flip their cup.

Setting it up

Set Up

Each team sits on one side of the board. Place and fill one of the cups on each of the metal flippers.

After a quick chant or “3-2-1-go” the starting player on each team grabs their first cup. They then pound it back, put it back on the flipper, and begin trying to flip it. The goal is to get the cup to land upside down. Keep trying until it works.

Once they got it, turn passes to the next player down the line. First team to finish and flips all their cups are declared the victors!

Mini Flip Cup Review

One of the great things about this mini flip cup board is that it uses smaller shot cups. Which means you can play multiple games before getting too tipsy. Which allows for things like setting up tournaments or just playing 1-on-1 games. Personally my favorite is to assign team captains every round based on who did the quickest flip/drinks and then draft new teams.

There’s not much to say about this game other than it works great! Plus as you can see from our photos, it’s also possible to get custom prints on it for added wow-factor. If you’re a fan of flip cup or drinking games in general, Mini Flip Cup is a no-brainer.

Buy Mini Flip Cup Here and use the promo code “CHUG” for an additional 25% off!

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