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Mini Baseball Pong – Better Than Beer League

Mini Baseball Pong In Action! - the chuggernauts

Recently released by the Scienz Group, this mini baseball pong board sets up a 9 inning pong style drinking baseball game. It comes complete with some tiny launchers that shoot a small ping pong ball that’s also tethered to the board with a magnet. This game basically takes the baseball coin drinking game and kicks it up a notch.

Setting it up

Baseball Set Up

First take the board out of the box, place all one shot glass on each slot plus another one on each of the four metal flingers. Place the ball launchers on their respective slots on each side of the board.

Grab a few of the pegs, put one on each 0 to indicate the starting score. One on home base to represent the next pitcher. One on the “inning 1” slot to indicate the inning, and finally one on “0 outs” to indicate the number of outs remaining.

The Goal of the Game

Much like in regular baseball the goal of the game is to score more runs than the opposing team within 9 innings. This is done by launching the ball from one side into the opposing teams cups. The four cups represent Single, Double, Triple and Home Run. So whenever you sink a ball move the pegs accordingly.

How to Play Mini Baseball Pong

How to Play Baseball Pong - the chuggernauts

Teams of players take turns shooting the ball at the opponents 4 cups. If they miss, they get an out. Move the “out” peg up one spot. 3 outs and their turn is over and it’s the other teams turn to bat.

If they succeed they get to move their pegs up spots equal to the cup they landed in. For example if someone has a player on home bast and 1st base, then they sink a “double” they move their pegs up to 2nd and 3rd base.

Whenever someone sinks a cup, the opposing team must drink that cup. They can choose who on their team is going to drink it.

Anytime a player gets a run they move the score peg up.

Stealing a Base

At any time that they have a player on a base, players can opt to steal. To do this they must grab one of the shot cups on the flingers and chug it. They then try to flip it with the flinger until it lands upside down.

However, as soon as they touch their cup in an attempt to steal someone on the opposing team can do the same. If the opposing team can chug and flip first, then the team that tried to steal gets an “out” and one of their batters must come off the bases.

Mini Baseball Pong Drinking Game Review

Mini Pong Review

Having played this drinking game in the past with a coin and full sized cups, we were curious as to how it’d play out on a mini scale.

Everything from the pegs to the flicker on this board works flawlessly. We had no issue at all and it was very easy to understand and get going.

Out of the few times we tried this out each time it was played all night. This game is an absolute blast, but be warned it can quickly go through a case of beer especially if players start getting pretty good at it.

We suggest playing with teams of 3 at least. As playing 1 on 1 gets a bit too easy and you end up with innings where one player can score up to 10 points. I guess this is where the mercy rule would have come into play if we weren’t so stubborn.

This game is a fantastic purchase for anyone looking for ways to liven up any kind of outing. Simply put it’s just one of the funnest drinking games we’ve ever tried out and we’re definitely going to be playing it more.

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