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Knights of the Round Table Drinking Game

Knight of the Round Table

The Knights of the Round drinking game is a great game for larger crowds like at a party. Either way you’re going to want to make sure you have lots of cups and types of alcohol to play this game at it’s fullest. The idea is cups, shot glasses, bottles, whatever are filled with any type of alcohol you could imagine and placed in a rind around a table. Then players draw cards from a deck and move that many spaces clockwise and drink whichever drink is now in front of them.

What You’ll Need

A deck of cards complete with jokers, a ton of different alcohols and styles of cups.

Setting It Up

To set this game all of the cups need to have some drink in them. The amount of cups you want in the game is up to you but the more the better. Usually enough to make a ring around a circular table is the best idea. So fill the drinks up, place them all around the edges of the table, then shuffle the deck of cards and put it face down in the middle.

Knights of the Round Table Drinking Game Rules

After the game is set up everyone grab a seat around the table. Then pick someone to go first.

Players take turns drawing a card from the deck, then the next player clockwise goes.

  • Numbered Cards: If a player draws any numbered card from 2-10 they count that many drinks clockwise and then stand in front of that drink.
  • Jack: Everyone drinks the drink that’s in front of them
  • Queen: Switch spots with another player and then every player drinks the drink in front of them
  • King: Switch two of the drinks on the table and then everyone drinks what’s in front of them
  • Ace: Choose a drink for everyone at the table to take
  • Joker: Whoever drew this must drink the drink that’s in front of all the players including themselves


The Knights of the Round Table drinking game can get pretty intense especially if you’re the unlucky SOB who draws the jokers. So if you decide to play this one please make sure to drink responsibly.