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John Woo Drinking Game

John Woo Drinking Game - the

Perhaps best known for his over-the-top American action movies like Mission Impossible 2 and Face-Off, John Woo has a large collection of critically acclaimed Hong Kong action movies such as Hard Boiled and The Killer dating back as far as 1986. Our John Woo drinking game will have you drinking to all the ridiculous film choices he makes in pretty much any of his movies.


Any John Woo Movie. A List of his films can be found here. And of course a few drinks.


A few things are for certain in almost every John Woo movie. Slow motion will be abused, Guns will be fired, and Doves will appear for seemingly no reason at all.  So pop in a John Woo film and grab your drinks, then everyone take a sip whenever any of the following drinking rules come up.

John Woo Drinking Game Rules

  • Take a small sip whenever the movie goes into slow motion
    • Take an extra sip if it’s a slow mo scene of someone jumping while firing two guns
  • Take a sip whenever someone is shot
  • Take a big chug if any two characters become blood brothers.
  • Take a big chug if there’s a Mexican standoff
    • Take another chug if someone tries to fire during it but the gun jams or is out of ammo.
  • Take a sip if someone fired a gun far too many times to not need reloading

Finish your drink when there’s a scene with lots of doves. For whatever reason Woo loves doves and puts them in all his movies. 


His films are so over the top they lend themselves perfectly to drinking games for just how often the same types of scenes occur. Depending which movie you end up choosing there could be a lot of drinking involved mostly because of the constant slow-mo, so if you’re playing the John Woo drinking game please make sure to drink responsibly.