Face/Off Drinking Game

Face-Off Drinking Game the chuggernauts

Face-Off is a movie that absolutely goes better with a few beers. It’s one of the most ridiculous and entertaining movies ever made. For those unfamiliar the basic plot is two people switching bodies and faces. The movie stars John Travolta and Nicholas Cage, so what you’re left with is those two already over-the-top actors doing impersonations of each other the entire movie.

Our Face-Off drinking game will have players drinking for all the ridiculous face touching in this movie, as well as the classic John Woo overuse of slow-mo. Plus there is a drink finishing rule for the key moment in the movie where they actually switch faces.

What You’ll Need

The cult classic movie Face-Off and a few drinks

Face-Off Drinking Game Rules

Drink Once Whenever

  • The movie goes into slow mo
  • Someone touches someone elses face with their hand
  • Someone says “Face-off”
  • You see doves
  • Caster Troy says something really creepy. This counts as both his character or when he’s in shawn’s body.
  • You see a pack of chicklets
  • Someone says “peach”

Finish your drink when troy puts on shawn’s face

Bonus Rule:

Drink whenever there’s some terrible explanation of the science behind something.


This drinking game will be pretty heavy simply for the sheer overuse of slow-mo. It’s almost slow-mo more often than it’s not. Plus there’s an odd amount of mentions of peaches and creepy face touching. This film straddles the line between classic action movie and so-bad-it’s-good ridiculousness. So if you’re gonna play the Face-Off drinking game please make sure to pace yourself and drink responsibly.