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The Jean-Claude Van Damme Drinking Game

JCVD DickPunch -

The JCVD Drinking game should work with pretty much any of his movies. We all know how this works, someone kills one of Van Dammes loved ones and he spends the rest of the movie kicking his ass along with everyone who associates with him.

Every one of his movies makes for the perfect drinking game because they’re all filled with his personal tropes. Only JCVD can do the splits between chairs while punching someone in the nuts and make it look natural.



Any Jean-Claude Van Damme film and drinks


Players will drink for all the action movie/JCVD tropes thrown around in this movie. Also they will have to finish their drink during the inevitable sex scene that focuses more on his ass than the girl he’s with.


Jean-Claude Van Damme Drinking Game Rules:

Drink whenever JCVD:

Does the splits

Punches someone in the nuts


Takes his shirt off

Hits someone with a spinning kick or a high kick

Watches someone he cares for die or get hurt


Take a shot or finish your drink when:

You see JCVD’s sweet buns.


JCVD Drinking Game -


Depending which of his movies you choose this will be a pretty decent amount of drinking. Some more than others. Generally in all of his movies you will see his bare cheeks once or twice. I almost think he only agrees to be in movies if they throw in at least one bun-shot. He does have a clear obsession with high kicks and doing the splits so be sure to get ready to drink because the man can’t be on camera for more than 5 minutes without showing off his flexibility.


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