Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Drinking Game

Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets Drinking Game -
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The Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Drinking Game has us drinking to our favorite magical children as they progress through their second year of school. This time around Harry, Ron, and Hermione are caught up in a new mystery involving what is known as The Chamber of Secrets. Halfborn children slowly succumb to some sort of mysterious curse and it up to our three heroes to solve the mysteries and save Hogwarts before it is too late. Have some drinks as we take on the second movie in this franchise.


The Movie Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and drinks.


Players will drink to characters falling into their tropes, be it them being condescending or downright egotistical. Ron is a wuss and Lockhart is a braggart that is also clearly a hack.

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one Whenever:

  • Harry Potter hears voices.
  • Anyone mentions Harry Potter’s name.
    • Drink twice if they use his full name.
  • Ron is being a wuss or has bad luck.
  • You see any of the ghosts.
  • Harry’s life is at risk.
  • Anyone is egotistical or condescending.

Drink three whenever:

  • Myrtle moans.
  • Lockhart brags or is clearly a hack.
  • Anyone speaks Parseltongue.
  • Ron’s family owl Errol is birdbrained.
  • Someone has become petrified.
  • There is a trail of spiders.

Additional Rule:

Chug your drink for as long as you avoid looking at the horrendous giant spider Aragog.

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On to the second year of wizarding school we have some new rules and characters to drink to. Lots of people are kinda jerks this time around, mostly looking down on others or showing false bravado. The drink three section is full of occurrences more specific to this movie, based on characters and events unique to the film. People are getting petrified and there are some creepy as hell spiders so get ready for a really uncomfortable scene if you don’t care for arachnids. Cheers to Harry Potter and his second year at Hogwarts!