Friday the 13th: The Drinking Game!

What better way to celebrate a spooky Halloween than with a Friday the 13th Drinking Game? These classic horror movies tell a tale as old as time. Kids get stuck, monster kills kids one by one. It pretty well set the stage for most other scary movies of it’s time. So grab a drink (or several) and play along!

This game was made for the original 1980 version of the movie but some of the rules are so universal that you could play with any movie within the franchise.

What You’ll Need To Play This Game

All you’re going to need for this is some drinks and the original 1980 film.

Friday the 13th: The Drinking Game Rules

  • When anyone dies toast to their life and take a sip
  • Take a drink whenever someone in the movie gets scared by a cat scare
  • Whenever someone smokes or drinks in the movie, so do you!
  • Take a sip for each boobie you spot
  • Whenever there’s any mention of the curse take a sip
  • Whenever anyone says Jason take a drink. If they use his full name take two.
  • Drink whenever you hear the infamous about-to-murder sound effect. (chh.. chh.. chh.. ah! ah! ah!)

Chug for as long as the camera remains in Jason’s point of view


With these Friday the 13th drinking game rules you’re sure to get blasted in no time. So always make sure to drink responsibly and arrange yourself a safe ride home if you need one. Looking for a game that works with any old school horror movie? We suggest you take a look at our Generic Horror Movie Drinking Game. Cheers!